Hello, I'm Daniel Akaniru, a passionate and creative Email Marketer and Web Designer. With a blend of technical expertise and a keen eye for design, I specialize in crafting compelling email campaigns and building visually stunning websites.

With a data-driven approach, I've consistently achieved impressive metrics in my email campaigns, including an average click-through rate of 89% and a conversion rate of 57%.

My approach involves a meticulous blend of creativity and data analysis. From understanding client goals to implementing feedback, I ensure each project follows a streamlined process that leads to success.

Professional Bio

As a dedicated professional in the digital realm, I bring 4 years of experience in email marketing and web design. My journey has equipped me with a deep understanding of creating impactful digital experiences that resonate with audiences.

Professional Highlights

Explore my portfolio to witness the fusion of strategy and creativity. From engaging email campaigns that drive results to aesthetically pleasing web designs, each project reflects my commitment to delivering excellence.

Take A Look At Few Bonus Pages I Built For Some Affiliates


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For this reason, we refrain from sharing email swipes created for our esteemed customers. Rest assured, your privacy is of utmost importance to us.

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