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Select from 50 ready made templates, that include 500 content slides across a huge variety of niches for your next campaign. All hand created by our top professional designers


Change backgrounds, add animations, magical effects, logos, images, edit text, new sections, slides, objects, record audio, add music, and so much more right inside the software in just a few clicks


Export your presentations as an EBOOK, VIDEO or online HTML Viewer, ready to show the world! Instantly share to the web, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter in seconds!

Get Prezentar Now For A One-Time Fee!
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BONUS #1: Vidbackground (Quality Html5 video & youtube background) (Worth $997)

This offers you HTML5 video and youtube gallery / background with many customizable options and special features like skip intro with cookie detection. Multiple layouts with optional playlist, clean video with no other screen elements, mini gallery and widget possibilities.

BONUS #2: WP Ninja List Builder (Worth $997)

This is a premium list building plugin that adds a subscription form with push/sliding animation effect and clean design on your WordPress website or blog.

This is a simple-to-use yet powerful tool with a lot of opening patterns and analytics available. With this tool you can easily increase the number of your subscribers rocketing your traffic this way!

People are tired of intrusive and irritating pop-ups. Which is a common cause of reduced desire to subscribe. But with this your visitors are still attracted to opt-in form but in a non obstructive and elegant way. There is no need to search for a close button anymore. And website content is visible and does not overlap.

BONUS #3: Content Branding and Monetization (Worth $997)

This is a package of templates which you can brand and monetize to make them your very own and start making money from them. Within this collection of templates, you'll get 36 PowerPoint presentations. These are great for anyone who is wanting to market through the way of presentations.

BONUS #4: Video SlideShow Maker (Worth $297)

You can use this premium app to set-up an Online service for creating video slideshows and presentations that will be generating an extra income for you online. You can charge uers a one-time fee or a recurring fee and pocket 100% of the profit. The user can upload his photos, sort, adjust animation, overlay text and get the finished video. The motion of the animation can be selected automatically, but it is possible to adjust the position of the camera movement. The administrator can configure the maximum number of simultaneous processing – the queue. For commercial gains, the owner can insert advertising banners.

BONUS #5: Portfolio Gallery - WordPress Portfolio Plugin (Worth $997)

Portfolio widget allows you to present your artworks and projects on your website in the most impressive way. Embed your projects from any sphere: you can upload photos, videos, add descriptions, dates and more. The projects will be displayed as clickable cards inside your portfolio and will open in popup. Users will be able to navigate between the projects and at all times get in touch with you or make an order, using a call-to-action button in the header of the portfolio.

Now Introduce yourself through your projects Portfolio widget has everything to present your projects brilliantly: divide them into categories and show clickable project cards that open in popup to reveal the work; choose an optimum layout of content and vary the parameters of the images for the best look. let your work speak for you!

BONUS #6: YouTube SiteRobot: Automatically Stream Videos by Any Topic (Worth $497)

Automatically Pull Videos From YouTube by ANY topic or keyword and Place them Directly in Your Site in a Beautiful Video Stream and HD Player!

YT SiteRobot is an incredibly powerful WordPress plugin that scours YouTube looking for videos related to any topic that you choose. It then automatically sorts and places the videos into your WordPress site in a beautiful video feed and 1080P HD player, complete with a comment system, viral sharing,

SEP enhancements, and more. You’ll have complete control over your videos, what is displayed, how often the videos are refreshed, pagination, and more. It is the only WordPress video plugin available that accurately aggregates videos based on any topic, while sorting out unwanted videos.

BONUS #7: Webinar Supremacy (Worth $997)

Now You Can Get Instant Access To 10 HOT, Over-The-Shoulder, Step-By-Step Video Tutorials. Download And Start Playing These Videos Tutorials Right From The Comfort Of Your Home! Webinars have become one of the most popular ways to promote a business in the past few years.

They are so effective because they provide an immersiveness that other forums of media do not and attendees get real-time information delivered straight to them, not to mention the interactivity of question-and-answer sessions.

According to the Adobe Software blog, webinars rank in the top three of the content delivery methods out there. Everything you need to know from your very first webinar idea to getting attendees to keep coming to your webinars over and over will be explained in great detail.

By the end of the course, you will have all of the tools you need to host your first webinar and get on the road to making big money from your presentations.

Here's what you'll discover in this training:

- Learn how to prepare for a webinar including presentation tips to make you better at engaging your audience and tips on camera, lighting, microphone choice, and more.

- Discover how you can monetize your webinar in ways that you never thought possible and make even more money than you expected.

- Find out what equipment you need for a webinar and how to optimize it to make sure you present the best professional webinar.

- Get ideas on how to promote and advertise your webinar including many options that require no budget whatsoever.

- Get tips on choosing your topic and find out how you can ensure that your webinar topic will be engaging and interesting to audiences, will allow you to monetize to make money from your webinar, and allow you to present it as an expert.

- Methods for improving your presenting skills, including how to have better diction, body language, and many other factors. How to improve your current webinars by making them more interesting and engaging, including the way that you present slides and using alternative forms of multimedia to make your webinar amazing.

-Learn how to increase your attendees by partnering up with other speakers and each of you giving information to the audience. A webinar with one expert is great, but a webinar with multiple experts can’t be missed. And much, much more!

BONUS #8: Winning Sales Presentations (Worth $997)

In business, nothing is more important than sales. Period. Sure, there other things that are also important, some vitally so. Ensuring that you are producing the highest quality product possible or delivering an excellent service is important. Making sure that customers are satisfied and happy is critical. Maintaining an engaged and productive staff is essential. However, without sales everything grinds to a halt. Sales are the lifeblood to a business and without them any business will inevitably wither and die.

A sales force is a business’ offensive line. Every day salesmen and saleswomen go out to battle. Their collective goal is to achieve the sales that all businesses require. There is no room for compromise. There is no room for error. No quarter is asked for and none is given. Sales are a zero sum game. It is black and white. There can be only winners and losers.

Like any highly competitive endeavor, sales can be exhilarating for those on top of their game and brutal for those who are not. Preparation is a key element for any successful sales call and the close often goes to the salesperson that arrived at the table fully prepared for each and every eventuality.

BONUS #9: Live Demonstrations Ecourse (Worth $997)

This is a 10-part ecourse that goes over the subject of live demostrations. Live demos provide a great way to interact with and educate potential customers. However, can you go overboard? As long as you are reasonable, you really can't go wrong with how many live demos you have. In other words, you should have live demos as often as possible.

However, if you struggle to get an audience and most of your presentations run without anyone watching, then it might be a better idea to pull back. Live demos should be focused around your audience and if no one is showing up, you need to look into creating a better marketing strategy. On the other hand, if you don't struggle with getting viewers, then this is another indication to keep having the live demos.

BONUS #10: Engagr Presentr Formula (Worth $697)

Announcing a Brand New 9-Part Video Course. Discover How to Create Impressive Prezi Presentations For Your Business… Starting Today. This video course was designed to help you design your own Prezi Presentation from scratch through tips, tricks, and comprehensive yet easy-to-follow lessons.

Do you feel intimidated by the thought of creating your own professional presentation? Have you run out of ideas on how to make creative presentations? Are you looking for ways to make your presentation more interactive? The answer to your prayers is here! Create professional-looking, creative, fun, and interactive presentations using Prezi.

Get Prezentar Now For A One-Time Fee!
Commercial License Included For A Limited Time!

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