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NEW Groundbreaking AI App Creates 100+ ENGAGING VIRAL Video Clips In 2 Minutes & Posts Them To Bring Tons of FREE Traffic & Sales Without Ever Being On Camera!

Saves You Countless Hours Of Creating & Editing While Producing Tons of High-Converting Social Videos From A Single Source Video FAST.

Turns Any Podcast, Webinar, Zoom Call Recording or YouTube Video Into 100s of Bite Sized Engaging Video Clips - 100% Newbie Friendly

Get Instant Access To BiteSyzed Today For A Low One Time Investment!

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- AI Short Form Clip Creation Made Easy - No Technical Experience Needed

- Make Thousands Per Month Immediately With VIP Commercial License!

- AI Creates All Captions, Transcriptions, and Emojis To Give You Engaging Videos In Minutes!

- Post To All Platforms and Have Months of Content Ready In 2 Minutes.

- Convert Podcast, Webinar, Zoom Call Recording, YouTube Videos & more into short bite sized videos for social media.

- AI Analyzes The Best Clips & Gives You Viral Content On The Spot!

- Creates Every Type of Video Every Major Social Platform Fast!

- No Need To Be On Camera Ever - Use Others Video Content For Success!

If You Want To Get THOUSANDS of FREE Views FAST For ANY Product or Service You Offer…

Short Form Videos Are The Answer

There’s a form of content that’s eating up the internet and you’ve most likely seen it. You engage with it every day, but you aren’t using it to your advantage.


We got 1,300,000 views, 3,590 shares & 1,100 subscribers using videos created using this!

People Are Loving BiteSyzed!

"Running a digital marketing agency means constant content creation. With BiteSyzed, we've supercharged our video strategy. From lengthy webinars and podcasts, we now craft bite-sized clips in mere minutes. The AI-driven video context technology ensures each clip is on-point and engaging. Our clients are thrilled with the uptick in social media engagement, and we've significantly reduced our video production time. BiteSyzed isn't just a tool; it's a game-changer for our agency."

"As a solopreneur, every minute and every resource counts. BiteSyzed has been a game-changer for my online business. With it, I've effortlessly transformed my long-form content into engaging video snippets that are perfect for social media. The engagement rates have skyrocketed, and I've seen a noticeable uptick in conversions. And the best part? I achieved all this without the need to hire a video editor or spend hours in production. BiteSyzed is my secret weapon in this competitive online space."


Check Out These People That Are Getting Tons of Visitors & Making Thousands (Some Millions) By Repurposing Older Longer Videos Into Short Videos...And They’re No Different Than You!

Maggie and Melanie host a storytelling podcast and convert their long podcast videos into bite sized short video clips to share on TikTok and other platforms. Using this strategy, they’ve been able to repurpose their old and existing content to amass over 24,000 new followers and 1.2 million likes.

Nila started offering her services as a freelancer, by creating short, content-rich videos for other businesses, and was able to bring in over $6000 in just a short period of time.

Christine Kaaloa posts youtube videos about traveling and has been converting her long travel videos into short videos to post as YouTube Shorts and gained tons more followers, higher visibility and over 163,000 subscribers on her channel, by simply adding more content to her channel.

Tannai works as a user-generated content creator for small and local businesses, was able to make over $4000 by simply creating multiple short videos for her clients.

This New Era of Video Creation Is Hot, Goes Viral, Gets CRAZY Results & Is

Used By All The Major Players!

People just can’t seem to get enough these types of videos. They engage multiple levels of the brain and get insane results with little to no promotion. I’m sure you’ve seen these in your feeds:

Why Short Form Videos?

Because They Give You An Accelerated Cheat Code To Succeeding In ANY Industry!

Short-form videos have become increasingly popular and beneficial for businesses. Take a look at these stats:

Short-form video ad revenue is expected to surpass $10 billion, providing businesses with various monetization opportunities

96% of consumers prefer to watch short-form videos to learn about a product or service.

Short-form video has the highest ROI and is the best format for lead generation and engagement.

30% of all short-form videos are watched 81% of the way through, suggesting higher engagement levels compared to long-form content.

47% of marketers agree that short-form videos are more likely to go viral.

73% of consumers prefer to watch short-form videos to learn about a product or service.

59% of short-form videos are watched for 41-80% of their length, while 30% of them have an average watch rate of 81% or more.

68% of users will happily watch a business video with a duration of under one minute, and 93% of businesses have landed customers through short-form social media videos.

85% of marketers say short-form video is the most effective format on social media, with the highest ROI of top marketing trends.

Simply put, short-form videos is an extremely powerful tool for your businesses to engage your audience, increase brand awareness, and drive sales

What’s Even Better Is That You ALREADY Have What You Need To Get Results Immediately…You’re Just Not Using It Yet.

If you're like most marketers and business owners, you're just running through quicksand trying to create another video for your business. Truth is, you most likely already have a TON of webinars, podcats, zoom call recordings, interviews and other long form videos just collecting digital dust on your hard drives

Or better, you can utilize other people’s video content to build your business as well. There are literally MILLIONS of videos just waiting for you to use to get in front of your target audience.

This, my friend, is the PERFECT content to use RIGHT NOW to propel your business to amazing heights. We’ll show you how we’re doing it in just minutes, but first…

There's Just One Problem

Trying To Create These Videos Fast & In Massive Amounts Can Be Daunting Even For The Technically Skilled!

The normal way that most people go about is to try and whip out a software like Camtasia or even try to paste together some Canva templates. Sure, you could do this, but trying to get 50 quality video clips done is going to take you at least a few days…IF you know what you’re doing.

And if you don’t? You can bet on spending at least a week trying to get past the learning curves, not to mention trying to come up with tags, captions, highlights, emojis, etc.

And if you don’t? You can bet on spending at least a week trying to get past the learning curves, not to mention trying to come up with tags, captions, highlights, emojis, etc.

But What If I Told You That You Could Create 2 Months of Short Form Videos In Just 2 Minutes To Promote ANY Offer With Just a Click of A Button?

That's the question we posed ourselves. With all the technological advances we’ve experienced in the last few months, there’s no reason why we should have to do the heavy lifting.

So we got to work. And what we came up with is nothing short than amazing. You can literally take a long form video, and in just 2 minutes you could have enough content to post on social media for the next couple of months.

No kidding.

And No, You Won’t EVER Need To Be On Camera, Record Painstaking Audio, Write Any Scripts, or Fuss With Any EXPENSIVE Video Editors.

You Simply Drag, Drop, Click, Let AI Do All The Work… And You Benefit BIG Time With Viral Clips That Get Posted On Socials To Bring You Traffic & Sales!

When we say we’ve done the hard work, we mean just that. You just need a single long form video and it doesn’t even have to be your own!

There’s no need for you to:

- Spend thousands on expensive recording software

- Get over your fear of being on camera

- Read long boring manuals or watch boring tutorials on how to produce video

- Fiddle and fuss with complicated software.

- Struggle with what to write or say in your video.

Simply take that podcast, webinar, zoom call recording or other long form video, drop it into our app and the AI will go to work crafting short form videos out of it that your audience won’t be able to ignore.

These clips are the missing link to seeing massive growth in your business…

Get Instant Access To BiteSyzed Today For A Low One Time Investment!

No payment method connected. Contact seller.

All these were made with Bitesyzed in 2 minutes

Honestly, Shorts Have a Secret Key To Them That Can GUARANTEE Your Success and Online Income…

Here’s the thing. All the sites and search engines LOVE short form content because it keeps viewers on their platforms. But while you can monetize short form content, one of the biggest secrets is using short form video content to JUMPSTART any project you want and get results faster than you ever could imagine.

For example, if you wanted to build a YouTube channel fast, start the shorts first and funnel that traffic to the YouTube channel you want to grow. Same thing with your courses, affiliate offers, and more.

As a matter of fact…

Here's how Bitesyzed can help your specific Business

Content Creators

Benefit from platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram to repurpose long videos into short, attention-grabbing clips, expanding their reach and engagement


Use BiteSyzed to create compelling video ads and promotions that resonate with audiences on social media, increasing brand visibility and conversion rates


Transform lengthy lectures or tutorials into concise video segments, enhancing online learning experiences and student engagement

Business Owners

Leverage BiteSyzed to create shareable video content for social media, enhancing online presence (for both large and small businesses) and connect with customers on a personal level.

Social Media Managers

Manage social media accounts, streamline content creation, and boost engagement by crafting engaging video snippets.

Journalists and Reporters

Create concise news summaries or highlight reels from extensive interviews, and make your reporting more engaging and shareable on digital platforms.

Event Planners

Repurpose event footage into short promotional videos, giving potential attendees a quick glimpse of the excitement and entertainment, thus boosting ticket sales


Leverage BiteSyzed to create emotionally compelling video stories from longer documentaries, evoking empathy and encouraging donations

Influencers and Personal Brands

Maintain a consistent online presence by transforming longer content into short, impactful clips that keep their audience engaged, excited, and grow your personal ventures.

E-commerce Businesses

Showcase product demonstrations and reviews, while making products more appealing and driving sales.

Real Estate Agents

Create engaging property tours and neighborhood highlights from longer video tours, attracting potential buyers and renters for larger commission checks.

Fitness Trainers and Coaches

Extract short workout routines from longer sessions, and provide followers with quick and effective fitness tips. Use this to get clients for your fitness programs while growing your brand.


Repurpose the most engaging segments of your episodes into short video clips to attract new listeners and promote their show. Great for attracting sponsorships and creating incredible revenue.

Authors and Book Publishers

Create engaging book trailers and author interviews from longer video content that will allow you to drive book sales and connect with readers.

ByteSize’s AI Powered Video Tools Helps Grow Your Business Easily. Check Out These Features!

Commercial Rights - Sell Your Videos Anywhere & Profit

Not only does BiteSyzed gives you a great way of producing tons of content, but we also put additional revenue potential in your hands too! Every video you create in the platform can be a potential profit generator. This way, the app pays for itself many times over! (More on that below…)

Create Any Type Of Video In A Flash

It doesn’t matter what your project requires, BiteSyzed has you covered. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can have video clips ready for YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, TikTok, SnapChat, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Plus, you can take it one step further by creating video sales letters (VSLs) and even explainer videos without any hassle whatsoever!

Create 16:9 Videos With Mass Appeal

This format draws mobile users in effortlessly. Not only do they get more views, but also boasts impressive completion rates and extreme engagement. Perfect for amplifying free traffic and amazing profits for your products and services.

Create 9:16 Videos Vertical Videos That Capture a Wider Audience

Elevate your brand’s appeal across multiple platforms with this universal format. BiteSyzed lets you publish this video type with ease while creating a compatible, immersive, and engaging viewing experience regardless of the niche.

Create Square 1:1 Videos & Boost Views For Your Business

This format draws mobile users in effortlessly. Not only do they get more views, but also boasts impressive completion rates and extreme engagement. Perfect for amplifying free traffic and amazing profits for your products and services.

Create 4:3 Videos That Explode Your Business

Use this video format to help improve mobile viewing experiences as well as ensure your compatibility on social platforms. You’ll be able to fit more into the frame so you can wow your viewers while making it easy to showcase your brand. BiteSyzed makes this a cinch with just only one click.

Create 50 Clips Per Video

Other platforms only give you 10 clips, but we’ve raised the bar and give you as many as 50 clips you can use from ONE video. That means you’ll have 50 pieces of content all ready to go brining you traffic, leads, and sales with only 2 minutes of work.

5000 Video Clips Storage - No size limit

In addition to your campaigns, we’re also upping the ante with the amount of video clips you can store on our secure platform. Doesn’t matter if each clip is 1GB or 10mb. We’ll make sure your content is protected and ready for your use whenever you’re ready to use it.

AI Video Context Technology

We’ve trained our very own AI to detect the best of the best in every long form video you upload. That means that it won’t just select random clips. Instead, it scans your video for depth, meaning, and other insightful information, transcribes it, and then only selects clips that is the most likely to be attractive for your audience. And it does it in only minutes!

AI Generated Social Media Descriptions

Never worry about what to put in your post with your video clips. The AI will also handle this for you. Just drop your video and let the AI write up the perfect description that stops scrollers in their tracks. And if you want to tweak anything, you can without any hassle at all.

AI Curation by Virality Score

Get insight beforehand of how viral your video clip will be. Our AI will scan through the clip for you, analyze it, and generate a virality score to give you an idea of how popular the video is based on previous similar videos. Great for knowing what video content to deploy up front and which ones to hold back.

AutoCaption & Subtitles

The AI handles all of the transcription for you. After analyzing the video, it will automatically generate the wording and display it on screen, thus giving you a truly engaging short form video ready to seize the masses attention.

Videos In, Magic Out. Instant Clips On Demand.

It really is that simple. Just upload your videos or add a YouTube link and you can create multiple clips in a flash ready to fuel your business’ growth on every platform. The AI will instantly have every clip ready for TikTok, YouTube, Reels, and more…all at the same time. You’ll swear it’s magic!

Generate Captions That Connect With Your Audience’s Attention

Not every caption is created equal. Some don’t even get you noticed. But with the power of AI, you can have the same type of captions the big boys use without having to do any of the coding or formatting yourself. Doesn’t matter if it’s Alex Hormozi, Grant Cardone, Peng Joon, or Andrew Tate’s style. BiteSyzed has them all available for you with a click of a button:

Professional Trendy Templates That Can’t Be Ignored

It’s not just enough to have video clips, but you’ve got to have clips that get noticed. We’ve designed some of the best looking templates for your video clips that are absolutely stunning. No need to be a designer or fumble in complicated software. We’ve already done the work for you with designs that make your videos truly enticing to your audience.

Get Past The ‘Muted’ GateKeeper & Get People To Watch Your Videos Anyway!

Most people scrolling through their feeds will not hear your video. More than 75% of people watch videos on mute. That’s why it’s great to have BiteSyzed in your arsenal. The AI will automatically generate subtitles that stops scrollers dead in their tracks, boost your watch time, and make your video stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Save Hours Using AI, Create 20X Faster, WITHOUT Sacrificing Quality.

Because of the AI age, we’re now able to do things at a rate of speed unlike before. But this isn’t just about getting a bunch of random videos and hoping for the best. Nope. With BiteSyzed, you’ll not only be able to produce a lot of quantity, but the quality will be up to par as well.

The only problem you’ll have is figuring out what to do with the extra free time that BiteSyzed saves you from here on out.

Reach More Buyers With The Same or Less Effort!

Using the power of the AI and its virality score, you’ll know which clips have the best chance to get massive views. Once you post these clips, they’re FOREVER on platforms working for you to bring you a host of leads, subscribers, and sales without you having to do anything else.

You only need to continue letting the AI repurpose your long form content into short form content, then repeat the process and before long…you’ll be in front of so much buyer traffic it’ll make your head spin!

“But What If I Don’t Have Any Videos Myself? Can I Still Benefit From BiteSyzed?”

Even if you don’t have your own long form videos, you can repurpose other content that’s out there for your benefit. Sites like YouTube have tons of content that allows for this. Not to mention there’s the public domain and more. The internet is full of creative commons content that’s available for you to leverage.

And when it comes to YouTube? We’ve made this as simple as copying and pasting a link and letting BiteSyzed do the rest. You simply can’t lose!

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